Cover_lTHE COURIERS is one man’s memoirs of his and mission co-workers efforts to aid persecuted Christians during the Communist era in Eastern Europe. In this book, Lawrence recounts his experiences taking Bibles and other materials to Believers behind the “Iron Curtain.”

Many today, who did not live during the time of Soviet oppression, are not aware of just how the Christian Faith was impacted and religious freedom was restricted, regulated and suppressed in those nations under Communist rule.

This book serves as a reminder of both the blessings we enjoy in our country in regard to religious freedom, as well as the precious right to freedom of speech. Join Lawrence as he recounts his experiences aiding the persecuted Church in Eastern Europe during the era of Communist rule.

This website is dedicated to the persecuted Church worldwide and created for the purpose of informing today’s believers about those suffering for their faith, as well as how we, the Church in the West, can help. The Resource tab has links to ministries that are assisting the Persecuted Church all over the globe, as well as links that will serve as great teaching resources in other areas as well.

You can also order your copy of The Couriers and Contact Lawrence to speak at your church, men’s group, youth group or ministry event.